Killarney and Doolin

I have been blessed to experience the beautiful cliffs on the Ring of Kerry. I also loved the town of Killarney's statue devoted to Christ as the king of their city. Plus, the most beautiful Cathedral I've been in so far was in Killarney. 

I managed to meet a farmer in Killarney who enlisted me to fix his fence. It was good that I was there, as he had a bit of an accident when stones had fallen on his head as he was trying to hold up the fence post. We developed a good friendship, and I stayed two days helping him a little bit and in return he blessed me with giving me a local tour. I found the 1200 year-old beehive style church building fascinating!

Further North in Doolin, I was blessed with a very authentic Irish traditional music pub night.

Both the pubs and the churches in Ireland have been beautiful, as are the people I've been blessed to spend time with. I've gone in Jesus' name, I've learned a little of how to be a more selfless person through the people I have met, and I've heard God speak through the people of this fair land in powerful ways. I have now crossed the border in the Northern Ireland and I am about to meet the local ministers. 

Joy in Christ, 
Pastor Tim