Dios es Amor

The gardeners done their work.

The gardeners done their work.

Our hotel in Guatemala City faced the main square. A huge open space; gardens and pathways surrounded by prominent buildings. The Parliament and, as always in Central American countries, the Roman Catholic Church dominated the one side. The church was impressive. The three sets of doors were large enough for giraffes to easily walk through. The pillars were massive and the dome above the Communion table seemed to be over 100ft high. This monument, built to the glory of God in 1534, was also built with a different purpose in mind. It would be clear, to the local people, who was now in central control. The church may have been built in what once was a key gathering, or even worshipping, site about 500 years ago. The people were told to join this new power. Much blood was shed but, in the end, most Guatemalans did become Christians. There are now many sincere and devout RC Christians in Guatemala. In fact, there were about 100 believers wandering and praying in various parts of the sanctuary even though there was no formal service taking place. 

About 100 metres from the square, the Presbyterian Church building stood. It was established in the late 1800’s. After being in the cathedral, it seemed so small. It was a beautiful sanctuary - very simple - in a typical reformed fashion. The words “Dios es Amor” printed under the cross at the front. 

Compared to the 100 worshippers in the RC church, there was one man in the sanctuary. He had some sort of wood polish and cloth and was making the wooden wall under the cross shine. What care and effort to do something that may not be noticed by many.  Was it necessary?  

In going to Guatemala as a Mission team, the question may be asked if us - is our trip making a difference? Is it necessary? Is it the right use of so many resources and time of 13 people? We may not accomplish much, but we pray that, in some way, our little act of devotion glorifies God. That it shines the light of Christ affirming the truth “Dios es Amor” - God is Love, for we travel here to live this message. 

Matthew 5:16
Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.