To Give Is Better Than To Receive

Well, we are starting the next leg of our journey. Today, we head out to Chajul. I’m sure that everyone on the Mission team will agree that it has been a wonderful 4 days in Coban. The people have been so welcoming, warm and appreciative of everything we have done for them. But, we are the ones who are truly blessed. That we can come to this country and help is an awesome privilege. We worked in Coban as a construction team and the gardening team, and both teams felt the satisfaction of “to give is better than to receive “.  


One of our team members and veteran mission-team members, Sandra Hamlyn, wanted to share this: “What a joy to be back in Guatemala again. On our arrival, Pastor Philip took us on a tour of the church facility. When I walked down and saw the building that we had started two years ago, I was moved to tears. The John Knox School of Theology had been officially opened two weeks prior. There is still work to be done, but with the work and love of so many people, the building is a symbol of God’s love to the people of Coban.”