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St. Giles Presbyterian Church was started in 1950 by a group of Elders and the Rev. Dr. William Adamson, our first Minister. In 1960, Kingsway Presbyterian and St. Giles joined forces to become St. Giles Kingsway. The congregation quickly outgrew their church and added a much larger sanctuary, which is where we worship today. Through the faith and effort of many people over the last 65 years, St. Giles has continued to serve God and our community.

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St. Giles Kingsway is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of Canada. Our roots go back to the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation. At that time, the major emphases of the Protestant or Reformed faith were established: the centrality of Jesus as Saviour, the importance of the Bible as our final authority for faith and life, and the giving of glory to God.

Presbyterians take their name for the Greek word in the New Testament for elders. Consequently, elders are elected by our congregation to oversee congregational life. Individually, elders provide pastoral care by visiting in the homes of members and adherents.