When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred and asked, “Who is this?”
— Matthew 21:10

One of the most memorable moments on the Mission trip to Guatemala has to be our introduction to the Presbyterian Church of Chajul. As we drove to the site we felt and heard a mighty thumping – like a rock concert. We discovered that this was the worship team of the Church! For us it was powerful – not in a meditative, worshipful manner – but a shocking, foreign, form of worship. Confusion can be a barrier to our whole-hearted worship.

            Confusion reigned as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the proverbial colt that first Palm Sunday. Who is this?, the crowd asked. The disciples were not yet mature enough to clearly tell everyone that this Jesus was the Christ. Yet, in the midst of the confusion, Jesus did not rebuke the people who began to shout out phrases indicating their hope that he was the Messiah – the Son of God.

            Though we, Canadian Presbyterians, were confused by some of our experiences in Guatemala, we were forced to step back and consider our approach to God. Do we seek comfort, familiarity, and routine, or do we seek a living encounter with our Lord as we gather for worship? I’m not suggesting that we change our ways and become Chajulian Christians!, but, perhaps our eyes have been opened a little, to see that our Lord might be worshipped with sincerity in a variety of ways.  

May God help us see Christ clearly as we enter the worshipful celebration of Holy Week this Sunday.        

Pastor tim