There is no fear in love.
But perfect love drives out fear,
because fear has to do with punishment.
The one who fears is not made perfect in love.
— 1 John 4:18

Confession time: the tightness in my stomach this Thursday afternoon is not caused by Church matters. Not brought on by conflict in our denomination, or responsibilities for the After School Program or plans for Sunday worship. No, I’m anxious about the Raptors game tonight!! Some of us believe that the location we are in, the clothes we wear, the people we are with has some effect on the game - don’t we? Though, we can usually come to a rational, and rather humbling, acknowledgement that we don’t affect the outcome of the game. So why can’t we just relax? It has to do with trust...we can’t be confident in a victory. I’m not saying I’m not hopeful. But we can’t be certain. Thus, the anxiety…the fear and trembling!

            The lack of certainty is the joy and consternation of sport. But as Christians, we don’t want to have that uncertainty about our God. John, quoted above, believes we can live fearlessly with regard to our eternal security. The outcome of the battle waging between the forces of evil and good in this world has been decided. Our victory is sure. As Christians, we are told by John to believe that we are perfectly loved by God. If we believe that we are deeply loved, we have confidence in life. This confidence better enables us to love others even though they might not respond as we would wish. We continue to receive the love of God to fuel us in living lives of generous love.

With confidence in Christ,


PS. For those who will worship here, I hope you’ll see a joyful, relaxed Pastor on Sunday!